CBD Oil for Pets


500mg in a 30ml container


  • Certified Organic Hemp Oil
  • Pure CBD Isolate

Brad Pattison Hemp Oil Supplement is a high quality, human grade hemp-extract oil that is ideal for most pets. Dogs and cats can especially benefit from hemp oil, as it has calming affects, and can also reduce pain and inflammation. This product is made with the highest grade hemp extract oil, and does not contain any unnecessary chemicals or fillers. Each batch of this tincture is carefully tested to ensure it is the best possible quality.

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Mix 0.01 ml of tincture for every 16 pounds of your dog or cat’s weight. For example, for a 100 pound pet, give 0.6  ml per day. Mix into food for best results. This product can be mixed with water, however there is no way to guarantee your pet will consume it all.

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